Painting on Ice: A Science & Sensory Activity

When the weather hits freezing temps, that's the perfect opportunity to set a bucket of water outside and let it turn into a nice big block of ice to paint on.

  • A block of ice - place a freezer safe container with water outside during the winter (if it gets cold enough) or on a sheet pan in the freezer the night before
  • Water Colors - We use regular paint in an ice tray to avoid waste. When it dries, just add water for instant water colors.
  • Paintbursh
  • Container for the ice to sit in - It gets slippery as it melts.

I grabbed the block of ice in our handy dandy work box (also known as an under bed storage box) and placed his paint pallet (ice tray), and paintbrush in the bin as well. While he created we talked about how the weather turns water into ice, how cold the ice was and why the ice began to melt as he worked.

The best part is once the ice block is covered in paint you can make these beautiful watercolor prints by pressing sheets of card stock paper on top of the ice to transfer the paint. You can also wipe it down or quickly rinse it off and play again and again. It's very easy to set up and even easier to clean up. This activity will definitely make a come back this summer!

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