Number Ice Melt: A Science & Sensory Activity

I love these letter and number foam puzzles set. We use them ALL YEAR long - especially for water play. Lately Little Bear has been loving our ice activities, so I decided to freeze his foam number in a block of ice for him to excavate.

The night before we did this science activity, I froze the numbers in a container full of water. The next day I put the block of ice into the sensory bin with a hammer, screwdriver, and room temperature water (colored with food coloring to see the difference between the warm water and the ice).

I couldn't find our droppers so I filled a few water bottles and drilled holes into the caps. Squeezing the bottles to release the water turned this a really fun fine motor activity.

As Little Bear worked to free the numbers I explained how warm water makes cold water melt. Once the numbers were freed, we had a great number soup. You can also count and place the pieces in the correct space on the puzzle board.

If you need any supplies, I've put together a shopping list of some of our favorite foam puzzles that are perfect for water play below.

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