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This holiday season I came up with a bingo-style holiday bucket list full of activities for our little family to partake in. It made sense for us because some days we were able to do more than others and it makes it a lot easier to go with the flow of the holidays.

Sometimes it's hard to think of activities for our little learners, especially around holidays, so I used the same bingo-style activity sheet for our holiday curriculum.

The Teach Mama Bear Christmas activity advent calendar contains 25 toddler-friendly activities to mark off throughout the month. The grid is purposefully not numbered or labeled to give you, the parent/instructor, a little more flexibility while taking the pressure of having to complete every task off of your shoulders.

Our theme for December was Christmas (no-brainer, right?). I chose 5 subtopics to find activities for on Pinterest:
  • Christmas Trees
  • Gingerbread
  • Candy Canes
  • Jingle Bells
  • Santa's Workshop

Next, I found an activity for literacy, math/science, sensory, art, and motor skills in each subtopic and jotted them down on my chart. Finally, we went to the local library to rent books that pertained to our Christmas theme to use during our circle time. I have a few other curriculum planning sheets that I have created but this by far was the simplest and most effective for us.

Since this was my first time using this format, I only did one large compilation grid for the month, but this format can easily be used on a weekly basis.

Most of the activities are filed under the Christmas category on the site while a few of our tasks are posted daily on the @teachmamabear Instagram page so you can use the inspiration to help complete the activities at home in real time.

If you would like to give the Teach Mama Bear Planning Grid a try, please follow the terms of use policy and click the images for your FREE black and white or colorful christmas printable copies!


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