Top 5 DIY Play Snow Recipes

We live in an area that doesn't get much snow, but that doesn't mean we have to miss out on the fun of playing in it this winter. Here are our top 5 favorite DIY play snow recipes from around the web.

Baby Oil & Flour

This is really cloud dough, but it can also be used as play snow. via No Time for Flash Cards

Lotion & Corn Starch

snow play dough

via Pre-K Pages

Baking Soda & Conditioner

This fake snow recipe is perfect for making mini snowmen for an indoor, winter wonderland scene.
via Empress of Dirt

Real Ice

Christmas Sensory bin real snow in australia

Give your freezer a good cleaning and throw the ice pieces in a sensory bucket. via Play Based Parenting

Snow from a Diaper (?!?)

Did you know you can make insta-snow out of a diaper? Look up sodium polyacrylate. That's the stuff inside the diaper that absorbs the babies urine. It's also what water beads and insta-snow are made of! Cool, right? Fill a clean diaper with 1-2 cups of clean water then cut it open. When you get done mix it into potting or garden soil to help keep your plants hydrated! Watch our experiment on Instagram!

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