Jingle Bell Activities

Jingle Bell Threading 

Thread the bells onto a piece of pipe cleaner while making a pattern. Perfect for having a glow in the dark dance party or painting with sound.

Jingle Bell Drop

We sorted the bells in our 3 compartment serving tray then rolled 1 dice. My little scooped the appropriate number of bells and dumped them into an empty water bottle. 

Jingle Bell Patterns

Use an old ice cube tray (egg cartons work well, too) and the jingle bells to work on a few AB patterns.

Magnets & Jingle Bells

This is a great activity after your little finishes the jingle bell drop. You can add water, oil, rice, any filler you please... or simply leave it empty. Place the cap on the bottle, give them a magnet and let the fun commence all over again.

I decided to hide the bells in a strand of beads that wraps around the tree and have my little find it with the magnet.

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