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Although the snow has melted, I thought it would be fun to commemorate our recent encounter with a winter in the forest mural (which ended up being our Christmas cards to family and friends). I broke this activity up into 3 sections because my little is still under 2, so he doesn't have the attention span to do all of it at once yet. Each section contains many sub-activities from fine motor skills to music that make up the whole project which makes it so fun.

The Winter Scene

We mixed and added water to various shades of blue and purple paints in an old ice cube tray. Then my little one painted his piece of paper.

When he got finished, we pressed a clean sheet of paper over his mural to soak up some of the excess paint.

The print it made was so pretty that we repeated the watercolor transfer process until the excess paint was gone, then I hung it up to dry.

The Trees

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This was supposed to be our original watercolor and transfer activity, but we had a few mishaps with this project. The condensed version of this project is simply tearing up pieces of green tissue paper and gluing them to cardstock paper with Mod Podge. Allow the project to dry.

The next day we made another activity out of cutting triangles out of the tissue paper mural to make our trees then glued them onto the winter scene, which is a great fine motor activity. Finally, I wrote our holiday greeting and drew some tree stumps, then went over the whole project with Mod Podge to seal everything in place.

There are a lot of small activities for little ones to do that makes a great piece of art and gives you a few days of planned art projects for your preschoolers.

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