DIY Felt Christmas Tree

Last year my was Little Bear's first Christmas. As with most children, he loved pulling the ornaments off of the tree. This year, to save my sanity, I made him his very own felt Christmas tree that he can decorate and rearrange as much as he wants. This project took me about an hour to make, so it's a great naptime activity.

  • 1 yard green felt for the tree
  • chalk
  • various colors of felt for the ornaments
  • cookie cutters
  • ric-rac
  • hot glue gun
  • foam ornaments (optional)

1. Fold the green felt in half and sketch your tree design on the felt with the chalk. Cut it out.
2. Use the hot glue gun to attach the ric-rac "garland" to the tree.
3. Use the cookie cutters as templates to trace your ornaments. Cut them out and decorate them. You also have the option of gluing felt to the back of flat, premade foam ornaments, which will cut your crafting time significantly.

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